Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple

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This tree needs a pollinator.

The Fuji apple was developed in the early 1930’s by the Tohoku Research station in Fujisaki, Aomori, Japan. Marketed in 1962, this variety is a cross between the Red Delicious and the old Virginia Ralls Genet. Blooming in mid-April, these trees can reach up to 12 to 14 feet high but require full sun.

EMLA 7, semi-dwarf rootstock

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Soil Well drained
Fruit Round medium to large sized apples with a thick skin light red with a yellow blush and red vertical stripes; creamy white flesh is dense, juicy and crisp ripening in mid-October
Benefits Apples have a long shelf life compared to other varieties, storing up to 5-6 months when refrigerated. Low in acid, this apples flavor is mild and sweet with hints of honey and citrus, resembling that of freshly pressed apple cider. Their juicy firm and fine grain interior have made them excellent to eat fresh, great for salads, baking and freezing.