Vented Miracle Tube

Vented Miracle Tube

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Plastic tree protector that comes in 48" tall variants.

  • Vented Miracle Tubes are a 4"+/- diameter translucent tube designed to slip over trees for long term protection from animals and outside elements for better survivability. Requires 1 wooden stake for support. Stakes sold separately.
  • Nested 100% Recycled Polyethylene (milk jug plastic) Seamless Tube

  • UV Stabilized for 5 to 7 years (Plastic will break down after this time)

  • Rigid, Single-wall design with a razor line perforation

  • Cuffed top & bottom protects tree as it grows out of tube and provides stability

  • Permanent Venting- Vents start half way up to allow herbicide spray around the base

  • Two Releasable UV Treated Zip Ties pre-inserted