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The Hazelnut tree is a deciduous that is closely related to trees such as birches and alders. Hazelnut trees bloom and pollinate in winter. They can be very winter hardy. When planting, it is recommended to soak roots in water for up to an hour prior to planting to increase survival. Taking about 3 years to begin harvesting nuts, a mature tree can produce up to 10 to 15 pounds of cleaned seed. They can last in commercial production for up to 40 years.

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Growth Rate Moderate to fast
Mature Size 10-12 ft tall, 6-8 ft diameter
Soil Slightly acidic, loamy well-drained
Light Shade tolerant but require light for production
Leaves Alternate, broad oval with round base and hairy beneath; orange to red or purple in fall
Flower & Fruit Although monoecious (both sexes present on tree) all varieties require cross-pollination; Light brown, acorn-like nut enclosed in two leafy coarsely toothed bracts
Deer Browse Risk Unknown
Benefits Provide wildlife with food and habitat. The male flowers, called catkins, are favorable to grouse quails as forage. Long valued as an ornamental also used in windbreak plantings, landscapes and as ornamentals. Cultivated worldwide for nut production. The nuts are sweet and may be eaten raw or ground into flour for cake-like bread. The American Indians used the nuts to flavor soups.

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