Red McIntosh Apple

Red McIntosh Apple

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This tree needs a pollinator.

The  Red McIntosh is a popular and hardy apple cultivar. In fact, it grows best in cool areas when nights are cold which helps maintain the fruits color and firmness. It is best to spray for apple scab to limit your risk of losing an entire crop, however moderately resistant to other common diseases.

EMLA 7, semi-dwarf rootstock

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Soil Well drained
Fruit Small to medium sized round fruit with thick red and green skin that is tender and easy to peel, the white flesh sometimes has a hint of green or pink, juicy, tart and firm ripening in late September
Benefits It is considered the all-purpose apple both great for fresh eating as well as baking. It is mainly used in desserts due to less cooking time than others or blended in juices. If kept in a cool place, these will keep for 5 to 8 months.