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Physocarpus opulifolius

Few shrubs are easier to grow than ninebark. This North American native tolerates an array of weather conditions and is largely left alone by animal pests. Newer selections bear foliage in bold shades of purple and gold. It may suffer from powdery mildew, especially during extended periods of wet weather but is otherwise virtually carefree. The common name comes from the bark, which continually molts in thin strips, exposing a new layer of bark, as if it had “nine lives”.

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Growth Rate Fast
Mature Size Up to 8 ft tall, 4-6 ft spread
Soil Moist soils but very adaptable
Light Full sun to shade
Leaves Alternate, simple leaves 1-4 inches long with shallow, palmate-veined lobes
Flower & Fruit White to pink flowers in May to July, are showy with a fragrant smell produced in rounded clusters; Fruit is void, shiny and red at maturity with papery but firm walls
Benefits Makes an excellent large, informal hedge due to its fast growth.

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