White Flowering Dogwood
White Flowering Dogwood
White Flowering Dogwood
White Flowering Dogwood
White Flowering Dogwood

White Flowering Dogwood

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The White Flowering Dogwood is a small, bushy tree distributed throughout the eastern United States. The bark resembles alligator hide due to its deeply ridged and broken properties. It develops best as an understory species accompanied with other hardwoods but can be grown from seed planted half inch deep in late winter.

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Growth Rate Moderate
Mature Size Up to 40 ft tall, 12-18 inch diameter
Soil Best on rich, well-drained soils
Light Partial sun best with good morning sun and afternoon shade
Leaves Opposite, 3-6 inches long
Flower & Fruit White flowers blooming May to June; Fruit clusters are scarlet red
Benefits Important ornamental tree used around homes and office buildings because of its striking display when in full bloom. Provides feed for wildlife. Fruit is a fall and winter food for squirrels, cedar waxwing, cardinal, flicker, robin, turkey and woodpecker. Leaves and twigs are browsed by white-tail deer.

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