Button Bush
Button Bush
Button Bush
Button Bush

Button Bush

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Buttonbush is usually found in mucky swamp areas that are usually too wet for other perennial species to establish and thrive. However, they will grow just about anywhere you plant it, including upland sites. This bush has a short lifespan and reaches maturity at 20 years.

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Growth Rate Moderate
Mature Size 12 ft tall
Soil Best adapted to shorelines and swamps with saturated soils but adaptable
Light Full sunlight
Leaves Opposite, 2-6 inches long turning red in the fall
Flower & Fruit Dense round flowers in 1 inch diameter clusters blooming from June to September; Seeds are in round clusters that is similar to the sycamore tree
Benefits Exceptional wildlife benefits. Seeds and twigs provide feed for waterfowl and some mammals. Great for pollinators and deer for they browse on the new growth. It also makes a wonderful cover to protect ducks from predators and provide habitat for crappie to spawn under. Beneficial for erosion control on stream banks due to is root system.

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