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This member of the honeysuckle family is a shrub with smooth gray bark. Corky bumps cover the slender branches while containing spongy, white piths inside the twigs and branches. The berries often grow in quantities it weighs down the branches.

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Growth Rate Fast
Mature Size Up to 13 ft high
Soil Adaptable
Light Full Sun
Leaves Opposite, feather comound leaves may be over 3 ft long divided into 5-11 opposing leaflets each about 3-5 inches; Coarsely toothed and pointed
Flower & Fruit White lacy flowers appear late spring or early summer grown in tiny flat-topped to rounded clusters called panicles spreading over 6 inches across; Juicy and seedy tiny, spherical purple-black to black berries ripen mid-summer to early fall
Benefits Leafs and berries are used for making medicine, baked goods and wine. The berries are an important food source for many birds

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