Fruit Tree Pruning Resources

We had an excellent Tree Pruning event with Bob Tritten and Anne Collins on March 15, 2019. We had over 75 people attend and information was not only shared by Bob, but many attendees had questions about invasives species and pruning techniques for both speakers.

After spending a few hours in the Speaker Township Hall, those who were able to, took a 1/2 mile jaunt north to Speaker Lone Oak Orchard, where owners Dr. Ken and Darlene Dambacher had left some of their fruit trees unpruned for Bob Tritten to demonstrate pruning on.

Many resources were provided by Bob, including how-to documents with illustrations in pdf form. You can download these documents below: 

Pruning Young, Mature, Abandoned, and Neglected Trees

How to Establish an Organic Spraying Schedule

Controlling Backyard Pests


Video segments of the event presentations are available below (links to Youtube): 

Apple Tree Pruning

Plum Tree Pruning 

Pear Tree Pruning

Deer Damage

Determining the end of a productive life for fruit trees

 Thanks to all those that attended!