Swamp White Oak
Swamp White Oak
Swamp White Oak
Swamp White Oak
Swamp White Oak

Swamp White Oak

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Of all the members of the White Oak family, the contrast of the leaf color from top to bottom is the most apparent and back side bleached. Thus the specific moniker “bicolor” is very much suitable. Branches grow flares of bark but as the bark matures becomes ridged and furrowed.

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Growth Rate Average, 1-2 ft per year
Mature Size 45-60 ft tall
Soil Silty clay to silt, sandy loams; Dry area, poorly drained and wet; In very alkaline soils, they can become insufficient in chlorophyll resulting in pale yellow or yellow-white (not to be mistaken for fall color)
Light Full sun
Leaves Narrowly elliptic 4-7 inches long, shallow rounded teeth; dark green above and nearly white underneath
Flower & Fruit Monoecious (flowers on same sex on tree); Acorns oblong
Deer Browse Risk Unknown
Benefits Wood is light brown, close-grained, heavy and hard. It has been used for furniture, cabinets, flooring and fence posts and was a time widely used for making barrels and kegs. Important resource for many wildlife. Numerous birds and mammals use these for coverage. Acorns are sweet and provide important food for squirrels, white-tailed deer, beaver, black bears and a variety of birds including duck and turkeys.

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