White Birch
White Birch

White Birch

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Betula papyrifera

White Birch Trees develops a smooth white bark that curls and peels (once mature) and provides a bright yellow fall color to the landscape.
Features include simple leaves that are 2–4" long, borne on leaf stems about 1" in length and medium green in color. Margins are double-toothed and leaves are arranged alternately.
Produces brown or green catkins in April and May.
Grows in an oval shape.
Yields very small seeds that are smooth and oval or elliptical in shape, nestled between two wings.

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Growth Rate Moderate, 2 ft per year
Mature Size 40-50 ft
Soil Cool, moist soils; Shallow root system sensitive to even short periods of drought or heating of the soil.
Light Full to partial sun
Leaves Alternate 2-4 inches long, bright green to bright yellow in fall; Smooth on top, round at the base and tapering at the top
Flower & Fruit Monoecious (both sexes on tree), male flowers are 2-4 inches long with brownish color while the female flowers are 1 ½ inch and green; Fruit matures in fall and composed of numerous tiny winged seeds
Deer Browse Risk Medium
Benefits Tapped to obtain sap from which beer, syrup, wine or vinegar is made. The inner bark can be used in a meal and thickener for soups or added to flour once it is dried and ground. Tea is made from the root bark and young leaves. The Shuswap made soap and shampoo from the leaves.