Honeycrisp Apple

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Needs Pollinator

The Honeycrisp apples are highly rated for flavor and storage consistency, growing up to 20 feet tall and wide. It would do well as a stand-alone accent in the yard or planted with some small shrubs for definition. Its low canopy makes it ideal for planting under power lines or other such troublesome locations. You can increase your fall yield if you plant another variety close by to aid in pollination. Pink buds open into fragrant white blossoms.

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Soil Well-drained with pH between 6-7
Fruit Round yellow fruit with a red blush ripening in September
Benefits When ripe, apples do not immediately drop. This allows one to take their time in picking. Especially known for being crisp and juicy. It's great for eating right off the tree or baking. It can be in cold storage for 6 months without losing its' color.

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