Hybrid Poplar

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**This species is not recommended for planting in Macomb County**

A very popular shade tree due to its very fast growth.

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Growth Rate Fast, 5-8 ft per year
Mature Size 40-50 ft tall, 30 ft spread
Soil Adaptable; acidic, alkaline and wet soils
Light Full sun
Leaves Broad, open crown; silvery green turning bright gold to yellow in fall
Flower & Fruit Dioecious (male and female flowers on different trees); Cotton-less unlike most poplars
Deer Browse Risk Unknown
Benefits This particular Poplar can be harvested for firewood in 5-7 years, making it an excellent choice for garnering and replanting as a sustainable source of firewood. If the tree is cut down it will regrow from the stump. The wood is soft, therefore it burns much faster. Used for fast-growing shade while your other slowergrowing trees begin to mature.

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