Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple

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Sugar maples can survive in a wide variety of soil types but for maximum tree growth and sap production, soils should be moist and well drained. They can be found in canyons, ravines, valleys and streambanks, but also found on dry rocky hillsides. The common name refers to the use of species for making sugar and syrup.

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Growth Rate Moderate, 1 ft per year
Mature Size 70-100 ft tall, 3-4 ft trunk diameter
Soil Best in deep, moist and well-drained soils however adaptable
Light Shade tolerant
Leaves Opposite, 2-4 inches long with 5 lobes dark green above and whitish below; Turning intensely red, orange or yellow in the fall
Flower & Fruit Flowers are small, greenish-yellow in drooping clusters with about 8-14 flowers; Samaras (winged seeds) less than an inch long, red to red-brown in color
Deer Browse Risk Medium
Benefits A long valued hardwood timber species because of the hardiness and resistance to shock. In early America, the wood was used for a variety of household items including rolling pins, scoops and apple grinders. Today it is used for general construction, flooring, furniture, cabinet work and wooden ware. The high density of the wood makes it a popular fuel for home heating. A popular ornamental tree because of its tolerance to shade, spreading form and brilliant autumn foliage. A principal source of maple sugar, tapped in the very early in spring. The only tree used for commercial syrup production. It has twice the sugar content of other maple species. A single tree may produce 5-60 liters of sap per year. Beneficial to a variety of wildlife. Common browser for white-tailed deer, moose and snowshoe hare. Smaller animals feed on the seeds, buds, twigs and leaves. Porcupines consume the bark and various birds use as a nest.

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