Hybrid Willow
Hybrid Willow

Hybrid Willow

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**This species is not recommended for planting in Macomb County**

The Hybrid Willows are extremely rapid growing which distinguishes them from non-hybrid types. They will adapt to dry soils but need to be watered regularly until established. It is recommended the bare roots should be planted between November and May to avoid heat and drought.

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 Growth Rate
Fast, 6-10 ft per year
Mature Size
35-45 ft tall; 15 ft width
Variety of soils from heavy clay to sandy types, best in moist and well drained.
Full sun
Light green typical narrow, lance shaped turning attractive yellow come fall.
Flower & Fruit
Yellow, green flower clusters called catkins; Most hybrids are sterile, preventing them from making cottony seeds.
Deer Browse Risk
Unlike Weeping Willows, the Willow Hybrids grow straight up. This feature has contributed to its extensive use as screens for privacy, windbreaks and hedges.